Missed opportunity: interesting Windows 1.0 pre-release disks show up for sale

The two lots of disks sold for a really modest price to an unknown buyer.

Fellow beta community member ReflectiaX alerted us to the two lots, both of which have unfortunately already been sold, which included several Windows 1.0 pre-release disks. You can see the first lot here and the second one here. The first lot with original Microsoft disks includes:

  • Two sets of Premiere Edition disks,
  • Microsoft Windows, Retail Beta Release 1.00.09 (this build is already known since the Write disk is available online),
  • Microsoft Windows, Retail Beta Release, September 23 30, 1985 (the 23 is hand-corrected to 30, suggesting these disks were reused from an earlier build),
  • Microsoft Windows, Retail Beta Release, October 11, 1985,
  • Microsoft Windows, 09/09/85 Beta Release,
  • Microsoft Windows Write, Beta Release, 6-29-85 (this was possibly sent out to the press in June/July for an early look).

And then there's the second lot with non-original disks with handwritten labels:

  • MS-Windows, Startup, bootable (unknown build),
  • Windows Beta 6/<unreadable>, Data disk (likewise hard to pinpoint which beta this would be due to the unreadable date),
  • Windows Startup, Beta 10-28-85 (this build is also partially available online, recovered from reused Premiere Edition disks),
  • Windows Paint, with samples, Beta 10-28-85,
  • Windows System, MSW Beta 11-4-85 (based on the date, this is likely 1.00.09),
  • MSWPDAT1, Write, Windows Data, 8/85 bootable (possibly contains another Write beta?),
  • MSWB 5/1, <unreadable> libraries, <unreadable> (these disks possibly contain the May Beta SDK based on the date),
  • MSWB 5/1, C-compiler update,
  • MSWB 5/1, appl. samples <unreadable>,
  • MSWB 5/1, Pascal libraries,
  • Windows 1.01, Desktop Appls, <unreadable> (unknown build),
  • Windows Write (label is partially obscured by other disks),

There are more disks in the sets, some unrelated ones, but their labels can't be seen in the photos. The first lot sold for $42 and the second one for $37 - which is nothing compared to the outrages prices of retail Windowsn 1.01 boxes you can regularly find on eBay. Hopefully whoever bought these will eventually try to recover their contents and make them available online. 

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