2020 statistics for KRNL386

I forgot to do the stats post last year, so let's do one for the amazing year of 2020.

Main site (www.krnl386.com)

Total number of unique visitors in 2020 was almost 20,000. Monthly high was in February with 7,579 visitors. Highest bandwidth use was in May (second place in number of unique visitors) with 17.94GB. This year's top three countries of visitor origin are the US, Russia and Ukraine. Nothing's changed since 2018 in terms of OS share (Windows, Linux and then macOS), same with browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Safari). Top referring external sites this year were BetaArchive and MafiaScene.

Blog (blog.krnl386.com)

The blog had 46,115 unique visitors last year, with a monthly high of 5,099 and most bandiwdth used (792.60MB) in May. Top three countries of visitor origin for the blog are the US, the UK and Germany this time around. OS stats are the same as for the main site, but third place for browsers goes to Opera. The top referring site (in addition to BetaArchive, as usual) is Raymond Chen's devblog. In May he answered my question from a year ago about a build of Windows 95 with a "Ship It!" Start button, which explains the traffic increase in May.

Windows 1.0 site (win1.krnl386.com)

Last but not least, my Windows 1.0 site had around 15,000 unique visitors, with most of them visiting the site in July (11,817 of them, in fact). July was thus also the top month in terms of bandwidth usage by far, with 6.27GB. Most visitors were from the US, Poland and the UK. OS and browser stats match the main site. The biggest referrer was Simone's Computer  page about web desktops, where my site got listed (thank you!).

Overall, the traffic on the main and Windows 1.0 sites has increased compared to 2018, but the blog traffic is lower. I can imagine one of the reasons for this is because I hardly made any posts last year. I'll try to do better this year.

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