2018 statistics for KRNL386

I thought I'd do a kind of late "year review" for the site statistics just to see where we're at right now.

Main site (www.krnl386.com)

The main site had a total of 10,841 unique visitors last year, with the monthly high in May, when 4,217 unique visitors were recorded. The month with the most bandwidth use was February with 15.26 GB total bandwitdh use (February was also the second most crowded month with 1,310 unqiue visitors). The majority of the visits came from the United States, followed by Great Britain and Germany. Most used OS among visitors is of course Windows, followed by Linux and macOS, while the most used browser is Chrome, followed by Firefox and Safari. Most hits from external sites that are not search engines are from BetaArchive (as expected) and Vogons.

Blog (blog.krnl386.com)

The blog on the other hand had 88,379 unique visitors last year, the month with both the most unique visitors and most bandwidth use was February with 39,365 unique visitors and 9.53 GB of bandwidth use. Most visitors were still from the United States, but second place went to Germany and third to the Netherlands this time. OS and browser stats are the same as for the main site. Most hits from external sites came from ycombinator news and Raymond Chen's blog, both in relation to the Switch to Windows 95 post.

Windows 1.0 site (win1.krnl386.com)

2018 wasn't a full year for my Windows 1.0 site, since it was only launched in April. It recorded the lowest number of unique visitors throughout the year, 1,262. Most came in November (328), while most bandwidth was used in August (121.17 MB). Most visitors were again from the United States, but Slovenia is now in the second place (a lot of these are probably my test visits :-)) and China in third. No change when it comes to the OSes used, though Microsoft Edge is the third most used browser in this case instead of Safari (I use Edge, what a coincidence). Virtually all external hits are from BetaArchive.

So with that out of the way, I'll conclude this post by wishing that the sites got even more visitors this year, which I'll try to achieve by doing some SEO.

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