Welcome to KRNL386!

A blog where many cool things from the past shall be discussed.

This blog (and the site in general) will be dedicated to old PC software, hardware and all related things. I often wish to put my observations and analyses into writing, but didn't have a proper platform to do it - until now. There's already several ideas in my head that I wish to post about, including the development of Windows 1.0, Flight Simulator 5.0, weird and interesting Windows builds, etc. Plenty of stuff to talk about, if only time permits.

Some other people will hopefully be posting their content here as well, so this should become a good source of interesting information about retro computing. My next post will be the first part in the series about the development and evolution of Windows 1.0.

In regards to the site, the main page is still a WIP and will mainly just point to all the subpages. Windows 1.0 photos may be reorganized into a proper gallery as well some day. I'll post about such updates here too.

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