Tuesday, October 16 2018

Windows 1.0 for Tandy 2000 found!

After so much time I spent searching for it, the driver disk for Windows 1.0 on the Tandy 2000 has finally been found.

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Sunday, July 15 2018

Evolution of Windows 1.0 part 7: Microsoft's COMDEX demo

After a couple months of inactivity, I finally managed to complete this part about what Microsoft demonstrated at Fall COMDEX 1983. These frames were taken from part 3 of Dan Bricklin's recording of the event (see my previous post in the series for more info about that). 

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Sunday, April 22 2018

Evolution of Windows 1.0 part 6: Wang's COMDEX demo

Finally, we reach Comdex Fall 83, which took place between 28th November and 2nd December 1983 in Las Vegas. Microsoft was there, of course, showing off their freshly announced Windows, along with their OEM partners who already signed up to support the OS. One of them was Wang. Some brief footage of their demo is available online for us to take look at.

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Wednesday, April 4 2018

Evolution of Windows 1.0 Part 2 Update

A couple of new photos of the announcement build were found.

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Friday, February 23 2018

Evolution of Windows 1.0 Part 5: COMDEX promotional material

Windows 1.0 was demonstrated at fall COMDEX 1983 on 29th November. Microsoft also prepared some promotional material for this occasion, which includes three photos of the OS.

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