Wednesday, April 4 2018

Evolution of Windows 1.0 Part 2 Update

A couple of new photos of the announcement build were found.

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Friday, February 23 2018

Evolution of Windows 1.0 Part 5: COMDEX promotional material

Windows 1.0 was demonstrated at fall COMDEX 1983 on 29th November. Microsoft also prepared some promotional material for this occasion, which includes three photos of the OS.

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Friday, February 16 2018

Evolution of Windows 1.0 Part 4 update

Today I found some new photos in various French magazines, including two I've already discussed in part 4. These new ones are in much better quality though.

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Wednesday, January 31 2018

List of Windows 1.0 OEM releases

Despite the known fact that Windows 1.0 was quite a commercial failure, you'd be surprised to know how many OEMs shipped it with their hardware.

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Monday, January 29 2018

Evolution of Windows 1.0 Part 4: Golden magazine build

We conclude our look at pre-Comdex builds with photos published in February 1984 issue of a French computer magazine called Golden. The photos were part of an interview with CEO of Microsoft France and they reveal several interesting details.

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