Thursday, March 21 2019

Evolution of Windows 1.0 part 9: 1983/11/20 build

February 1984 issue of the French computer magazine L'Ordinateur Individuel contained a brief article on Microsoft Windows with lots of high quality photos.

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Sunday, March 3 2019

A new Windows 1.0 pre-release build was found

And it's also an OEM release. Imagine that.

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Monday, January 21 2019

Evolution of Windows 1.0 part 8: November 1983 builds

The builds I'll talk about in this part are so far the only ones where we see a sort of proto-build tag being displayed. They're both from November 1983 (if the build tag is to be trusted), and generally look much like (or they actually are) the COMDEX build(s).

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Monday, December 3 2018

Windows 1.0 for IBM PS/2 found!

Well, it looks like these rare Windows 1.0 releases just keep coming in.

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Tuesday, October 16 2018

Windows 1.0 for Tandy 2000 found!

After so much time I spent searching for it, the driver disk for Windows 1.0 on the Tandy 2000 has finally been found.

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