Saturday, January 23 2021

Missed opportunity: interesting Windows 1.0 pre-release disks show up for sale

The two lots of disks sold for a really modest price to an unknown buyer.

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Friday, January 1 2021

2020 statistics for KRNL386

I forgot to do the stats post last year, so let's do one for the amazing year of 2020.

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Wednesday, December 23 2020

How to do kernel debugging for Windows NT 3.1 build 196

Spoiler: it's fairly straightforward, especially if you've done NT kernel debugging before.

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Friday, December 27 2019

Windows 3.0 Test Drive: a demo, bundled with a magazine

Windows 3.0 was a major improvement over its predecessor and Microsoft wanted everyone to see and use it. In fact, they wanted this so much, they gave away copies for free! Well, sort of...

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Thursday, March 21 2019

Evolution of Windows 1.0 part 9: 1983/11/20 build

February 1984 issue of the French computer magazine L'Ordinateur Individuel contained a brief article on Microsoft Windows with lots of high quality photos.

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